Card Activation and Periodic Fees
Initial Card Fee Paid with Registration49.00 €
Yearly Feefree
Monthly Feefree
Inactivity Fee (after 3 months of inactivity)2.50 €
Expired Card Management Fee (after month 13)2.50 €
Card Loading Fees
SEPA bank transferfree
Sofortbanking2,5 % min. 2.00 €
By cash or vouchern/a
SMS Transactions
SMS Forgot PIN0.16 €
SMS Card2Card Transfer notification0.16 €
SMS Balance Inquiry0.16 €
SMS Card Lock/Card Unlock notification0.16 €
SMS Transaction Notification0.16 €
ATM transactions
ATM Domestic Withdrawal5.00 €
ATM International Withdrawal5.00 €
ATM Balance Inquiry (UK only)0.99 €
ATM Decline (UK only)0.50 €
POS transactions
POS Domestic Transaction0.25 €
POS International Transaction0.25 €
FX Charge for International Transactions2,75 %
Administrative Transactions
Card replacement fee – lost and stolenfree
Card replacement fee – expired validityfree
PIN Change (UK ATM only)3.00 €
Account closurefree
Customer Funds Refundfree
Miscellaneous Fees
Chargeback processing (if not successful)50.00 €
Upgrade Fee free
Call centre supportdepending on your phone provider
Card to Card transfer outfree
Card to Card transfer infree

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